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As the host of one of the largest baking and decorating communities on the internet, Elise Strachan has been empowering novice bakers with clever tips and techniques since 2011.
Elise’s signature approach of taking unique recipes and making them accessible has built her a diversified global fan base of people who love everything sweet! After starting out as a cupcake business, rave reviews lead Elise to try her hand at teaching.
This would in turn lead to the now iconic MyCupcakeAddiction brand. Reaching Millions of viewers each week across her various MyCupcakeAddiction platforms, Elise opens her kitchen to welcome all to spend the day baking with her.




Feeding an Obsession

Feeding an Obsession

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Brand Reach

Elise has a built-in community of influential viewers who care deeply about creation, curation, and connection. Reaching an 80 percent female audience, the My Cupcake Addiction audience consists of highly engaged teen bakers and millennial moms.

With three YouTube channels spanning across multiple languages and one of the worlds largest Facebook audiences, Elise is not just a household name through reach, but culture as well. Her content is beloved and accessible bridging across multiple platforms, consumed on any device to offer the opportunity to connect with her anywhere.

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Making Life Sweeter

Making Life Sweeter

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Launching in 2011, Elise Strachan’s cake-decorating YouTube channel, My Cupcake Addiction, has enjoyed huge success on the video-sharing social media platform. Today, the channel, which is available in 3 languages has over 2.1 million subscribers and is in the top 1% of food channels on YouTube, placing Elise’s online baking community in the top 3 food channels around the world.Now, one of the world’s largest online food communities, Elise proves it sometimes pays to feed an obsession. More than 80 million viewers enjoy Elise’s tutorials each month across My Cupcake Addiction’s social platforms, and her 2.5 million strong Facebook audience helped My Cupcake Addiction become the 8th most viewed Facebook page in the world in July 2015.To put the icing on the cake, My Cupcake Addiction sports a comprehensive website highlighting sweet trends and baking news from from around the world as well as series focussing on Travel, Family and Lifestyle, taking her audience on a global adventure through the eyes of a self confessed sweet-tooth.



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